Family comments:

“The teachers are wonderful. It's more like a family. All the children talk to each other (I mean outside of their grades). They are a great group of children. The teachers can meet the needs of individuals because of the small class sizes. Our child loves it there. I thought he would have a hard time but he has done very well. I wish he would've gone to FCA from the beginning. (Preschool) And every weekend is a three day weekend, we love that too. It's a wonderful school with wonderful people that work and volunteer there.”
-First year family

“We first decided to send our children to FCA because a Christian education for our children was very important to my husband, who attended Christian schools himself. We continued to send our children to FCA because we have been extremely pleased with the high-quality academic instruction our children have received, along with the care and commitment the teachers show to their students. The teachers see each student as a unique child of God with special gifts and talents, and they encourage students to grow and mature both academically and spiritually. As we have come to know the teachers, students, and parents in the FCA family, we have been very thankful for all of the wonderful friends we have made here, and for the opportunity our children have to attend a school with a Christian-based curriculum.”
-Multi-child family with multi-years in attendance

“One of the biggest reasons we will continue to educate our children at Faith Christian Academy is the God and family-centered atmosphere. These children and teachers are entwined in each other’s lives. They work hard together to learn, understand God’s message, and support each other as family. We never worry about what our children are “learning or picking up” from other students at school. The environment at school is safe and conducive to learning.”
-Family with multi-children

“My son attended FCA, and has done very well in going on in school. He was ‘not behind’ the other students from the public schools – but was in fact ahead of them. FCA does a great job in educating our children – and teaching them about the lord Jesus Christ.”
-Parent of a former student

Student comments:

“When I first came to FCA I was scared because I didn’t know what it would be like. On my first day of kindergarten it was hard work, but by the end I had many friends. I like FCA because we get to do fun stuff like reports and field trips. One time we went to Shipshewana and got to see the Hudson (car) Museum. Another time we got to do oral reports and I picked the Civil War.” Current student “I like being here because this is a Christian community. The teachers teach very good Bible classes and other classes. The teachers are very nice, too. The principal is a nice pastor. The students may be few, but they are very friendly. Best of all I know God is here with us.”
-Current Student

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